Our site uses cookies. Below you will find more information about cookies, how to use them and how to manage them.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or other terminal when you use our web site. For each subsequent visit, they will be sent back to our website or to another web page that identifies the cookie. Cookies allow you to identify the device you are using, remember your preferences and choices, improve your experience and adapt your ads to your pages and any other services.

Cookies on our site

This site uses different types of cookies. There are many types of cookies, which can be sorted according to their duration and purpose. Some cookies on our site are temporary and some are permanent. Temporary cookies will remain on your device until you close your browser. Permanent cookies remain on the machine for a long time. Each longer-lasting cookie has its own retention time.

Some cookies are essential, some measure performance, some are functional and some are third-party cookies. Essential cookies are mandatory for the site’s technical operation. They do not gather information about users that could be used in marketing, for example, but help the site to work better. Cookies that measure your performance gather information about how users behave on the site. The collected information is e.g the most used pages. Cookies measuring performance are anonymous and used to improve the functionality of web pages. For example, a Google Analytics cookie collects information about using the site. These cookies are transferred and stored on a Google server, some of which may be located outside the EU. Google is committed to comply with the Privacy Shield, which guarantees the security of the EU Privacy Policy. Functional cookies help the website to remember the choices you have made (username, language) and try to make your stay on our site smoother.

Then there’s third party cookies. These cookies are, for example, buttons to share your posts with social media. If you use these buttons, that service can set a cookie on your device. Further information on these third-party cookies is available on their pages.

Managing and disabling cookies

You can change your browser settings and prevent new cookies from being saved, disable existing cookies, or request a notification when a site wants to save a cookie on your terminal. Usually these can be found under the Tools or Settings menus. For more information on managing cookies, see the instructions in your browser. If you block or disable cookies, some features on our site may not work. Please note that disabling cookies does not delete cookie itself from your browser, it must be done through the browser itself.