HyXo Oy

Trusted partner since 1968

HyXo Oy is Finnish family owned company with almost 50 years of experience in its own field. Over the years, HyXo’s field of expertise has expanded from boiler water treatment to the extent that we have today, serving all key business segments in Finland. We operate in the fields of water treatment, filtration, dosing, pumping, laboratory products and process measurements. Turnover of HyXo was about 14,2 million euros in year 2016 and we employ 46 people. We represent on Finnish market well known manufacturers and suppliers from Europe and North America.

HyXo Oy is part of HyXo-group which includes also Oleinitec Nordic Ab working in laboratory and process measurement market in Sweden and Denmark. HyXo Oy is also part owner in Danish water treatment company Silhorko-Eurowater AS. Eurowater has own offices in 12 European countries. HyXo Oy has also sister company Filter-group working in water treatment and power markets in Baltic countries and Eastern Europe. In the whole of group of companies is working about 700 people and an annual turnover of 170 million euros.
We are continuously looking for new equipment for the same clientele in the field, which is giving us a good opportunity for growth. New techniques provide further possibilities also in new operational conditions. Our clients include, among others, power and district heating plants, surface treatment plants, paper industry, environmental and educational laboratories, hospitals, drinking and wastewater plants as well as pharmaceutical, chemical and electronics industry. Our main market area consists of Finland, but through our group companies we are also present in Russia, the Baltic countries and other European countries.

HyXo´s values are professionality and responsibility. This of course shows in our daily work but also in our commitment to develop level of excellence of our staff and in our product portfolio. The main idea in implementation is to analyse and understand the phenomena and to solve the problems innovatively for the benefit of our clients. To be able to do this we have chosen only known and reliable brands and suppliers to our portfolio. This ensures that we can offer our customers the level of quality they expect.
We have divided Finland into several sales areas and have sales and service offices in 6 towns in addition to our head office in Kerava. Our regional offices in Finland are located in Lahti, Joensuu, Seinäjoki, Oulu, Kuopio and Tampere.